What are exogenous ketones and which one’s work the best?

Exogenous ketones is a tool to get you into ketosis or to boost your energy levels while already in ketosis. This will ensure the long lasting effects of ketosis as well as help you burn more fat.

best exogenous ketone supplements

For people that are currently or thinking about going on the Keto Diet. They should consider this. With a restricted amount of carbs to consume the body would go into ketosis at which the blood stream is flooded with ketones. Ketones are organic compounds containing a carbonyl group =C=O bonded to two hydrocarbon groups, made by oxidizing secondary alcohols – basically they are fatty acids. The simplest of such compound is acetone. They are naturally produced in our bodies. For people who are in a keto diet they take advantage of this fatty acid  to help fuel their bodies and in the process help with weight management.

Exogenous Ketones are water and fat soluble ketones that are taken in as nutritional supplements. They are categorized into 3 types. Acetones: Simple form of ketones a byproduct of breaking down of Acetoacetate; Acetoacetate (Acetoacetatic Acid): Acetoacetate is produced in the mitochondria of liver cells by the addition of an acetyl group from acetyl CoA. This creates 3-hydroxy-3-methylgluteryl CoA which loses an acetyl group, becoming acetoacetate; Beta-Hydroxybutyrate Acid (BHB) : is the most abundant, making up to 78% of total ketones in the blood. During ketosis, the blood is flushed with a surge of ketones, brought about by the lack of glucose ad lowered insulin level in the bloodstream. In doing so the body utilizes it’s fat reserves to help fuel the body – executing different daily tasks as walking, exercising, and regular bodily functions.

Linked to the Ketogenic diet the use of Exogenous ketones is crucial to get easy results. As discussed, exogenous ketones is a tool to get you into ketosis or to boost your energy levels while already in ketosis. This will ensure the long lasting effects of ketosis as well as help you burn more fat. This type of substance is already a naturally occuring substance and chemical in our bodies. However, one’s body levels of ketones could be increased in the body by taking in Exogenous Ketones supplements.

There are tons of Exogenous ketone Supplements available in the market. Before getting yourself Exogenous Ketones supplements try to consider the following factors. Effectiveness of the product. Of course it is quite hard to check for products effectiveness but there are loads of articles available to check and double check on certain products. Second is the amount of BHB in the product you are purchasing. Make sure that you get the best out of your buck, Check the label of the product you are buying and see if the dosage per serving is the best deal out there. Third is to check on the form of the supplement you will be taking.

Exogenous Ketones come 3 forms: Salts, Ester, and Oils. These three types have different ways of getting absorbed by the body. Salts are the most common form of supplements you can find in the markets. Esters on the other hand are ketones (BHB) in its rawest form. This form of the supplement is has the fastest absorption rate out of all the three types. But don’t grab this type of supplement just yet. Studies and trials have found that many users found the taste quite unpleasant since it is the rawest type there is. Plus, the trials have shown a number of its users to experience gut [GIT] distress. There is a movement to make a better tasting and less distressing version of ester, but none are commercially available at the moment. Last type are oils, or better known for as MCT Oils. This type of Ketones take longer for your body to absorb it compared to that of esters and salts. In addition to that the intake of oils would just broaden the caloric intake you ingest.

In relation to this we have formulated a list of products you may want to try. Here are our top 3 products you might consider when purchasing supplements for your keto diet.

  1. TeamKeto Fuel: Since this product is in its salt form it is accompanied by necessary electrolytes that are lost during working out like calcium, magnesium, and sodium. These minerals are crucial on keeping your muscle cells – cells in general to function properly. As mentioned in the previous discussion since this type Ketone is in its salt form it doesn’t upset the gut as much as that of esters. This product could be added to your post/pre workout shake or juice to help balance your body’s electrolytes. And an added plus is that it easily mixes. It is fast absorbing and could have its immediate effects.
  2. Perfect Keto: This is a sample of an Ester Ketone Supplement. This provides your needed BHB per serving. Although some users experience some stomach discomfort when using this product is has shown to have the best results among its competitors. Its is suggested to have it in the morning with an empty stomach. Plus the ingredients of this supplement are organically extracted.
  3. Onnit MCT Oil: also discussed earlier is in its oil form. This means that this product could be easily ingested since it is in its liquid form. It doesn’t need to be mixed into shakes or juices. The only downside to this is that it is and oil, and oils or lipids have a high caloric index. So apart from taking in the supplement you are also consuming a hefty amount of fat that your body would require to break down.

These of course is just our top picks for supplements but, with all the new and available supplements in the market a word of caution goes out to all. Please beware of fake products in the market and fake claims of products. Make sure that the product you are about to purchase is of legit quality and is comes for a manufacturer that has notable experience with manufacturing other supplements.  Furthermore, please take note of the ingredients or techniques used on manufacturing these products. For all supplements it all comes with a warning of use. So please be informed and read the labels carefully, do your research, and talk to you physician if you are interested to take any supplements.

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