What are keto fat bombs?

A keto fat bomb could be the perfect recipe for satisfaction not just in your tummy, but also for your daily macros.

keto fat bombs

It is inevitable that even loyal dieters would get bored with the same old food being served in their plates every day.

Just like every other diet, there are times you would get tempted to try out other dishes or even worse; you end up cheating on your diet instead. Your first step towards adopting Ketogenic Diet is hard but what’s even harder, is when you stick with the diet for a long term.

We cannot deny the fact that some diet plan is not that sustainable most especially for an extended period of time. It’s all fun and games at the beginning but once you feel the urge to try other new exciting recipes just because you start to get used with the same taste everyday, then this is where meal preparation becomes inconvenient and no fun for you.

The catch with Ketogenic Diet is that you will be able to see results fast – this is where you will feel excited each time you prepare your meal and even make you look forward on what ingredients to buy next. However, if you keep on doing the same thing over and over again, where it becomes routinary and boring and we never want that to happen, then that’s the time we consider other options.

Having fat as the most important factor on this kind of diet, it’s actually good news to Ketogenic dieters because going Keto could offer them ways to explore and spice up their dishes accordingly on their own taste of preference. If you are the type who makes sure to hit all the macros you need but lacks where to get enough fat, the “Keto Fat Bomb” could be the perfect recipe for satisfaction not just in your tummy, but also for your daily macros. Instead of losing the appetite in meal preparation, Keto Fat Bomb being not like ordinary fat bombs, could spice up your meal any time of the day. What’s good about Keto Fat Bombs, is that it can be served however you want it, whenever your tummy needs it.

But what exactly are Fat Bombs?

Fat Bombs are little treats that may be small in size but are high in fat, protein, and carbs.

Aside from Keto Fat Bombs being a kick in your diet, it is also very easy to prepare. We understand that hitting the gym will require you a lot of energy and strength and so Keto Fat Bomb is a perfect choice to save you from exerting too much time and effort in preparing your food. A Keto Fat Bomb will only take you three easy steps in preparing it and enlisted below is a list of ingredients and steps on how to make Keto Fat Bombs that we’ve prepared just for you:

As mentioned before, your Keto Fat Bomb will depend on the kind of twist you want to incorporate it with. You will only be needing three major ingredients for the completion of your Keto Fat Bombs. However, ingredients may vary on your preferred taste, texture, and presentation.


  1. Healthy Fats – Cacao Butter, Coconut Butter, Almond Butter, Coconut Oil
  2. Flavoring – Salt, Peppermint, Sugar-free Vanilla Extract, Chocolate Powder
  3. Texture – Almonds, Walnuts, Chia Seeds

Three easy steps on how to make your own Keto Fat Bombs:

  1. Blend all the ingredients together in a mixing bowl. If the butter or milk you’ve used is a solid one, you may melt it for a while before mixing it with the other ingredients.
  2. Try forming circles or whatever shape you prefer from the mixed ingredients
  3. Refrigerate it. Once it’s solid, you may start cutting it to sizes you prefer

If you are running late for your workout and you have no time left to prepare for your pre workout or even post workout gains, then the Keto Fat Bomb is just the perfect recipe for you.

After enjoying this delicious taste from Keto Fat Bomb, you also get an added source of fat for your daily macros. Keto Fat Bombs are not just simply “fat bombs” that could be self-explanatory from how it’s called. Keto Fat Bombs are not like other “energy balls” that will satisfy your craving at first then would later make your crave for more. Keto Fat Bombs are made to digest slower which causes you to feel fuller. Since these balls are mainly fat, Keto Fat Bombs make sure to provide you with all the energy that you need. They enable you to have a more steady blood sugar level to zap you out from experiencing insanity of looking for more sweets and treats.

One good thing about Keto Fat Bombs is that it makes sure you will achieve your goal in maintaining your body under Ketosis while it gives you extra kick from time to time and support you with a high dosage of fat which is very beneficial for your metabolic breakdown. The extra amount of fat that the Keto Fat Bomb will be providing you can support you fight your cravings to make sure you stay under your allowed amount of carb intake. However, these fat bombs cannot supply you with all the energy you need but they are rest assured perfect to bridge your hunger any time of the day – it can be your pre workout, post workout, dessert, snacks in between.

Keto Fat Bombs are also considered as keto-friendly alternatives. Once you’ve mastered the process in making Keto Fat Bombs, you may then start going beyond borders and make your own flavor and personalized twist for the fat bomb you’ve been craving for. This is exactly why Keto Fat Bombs are perfectly made because you get to taste a piece of heaven by simply giving in to the kind of taste your body is looking for without having to worry about carbs – it’s completely guilt-free, fun, and easy!

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