What is the fat fast?

a Fat Fast will limit your calorie intake for a day for 1000-1200 kcal only. That’ll equate to 80-90% of your calories should come from fats alone.

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Aside from all those Ketogenic dieting and other low-carb diet programs that has been going on a trend for quite some time, Fat Fasting could be another addition to the long list.

Fat Fasting is limiting your body to consume a certain amount of calories per day. Take note, this diet can only run for 2-4 days and is no longer advised to go beyond 5 days. This certain kind of fasting will require you to only consume 1000-1200 calories a day.

However, fat fasting is NOT suitable for anyone. There could only be 2 situations where you can try fat fasting.

  1. You’re fully Keto-adapted; meaning you’re metabolically resistant
  2. You want a quick entry to Ketosis or you must’ve cheated while on Keto

Aside from these two, then you don’t have other reasons to enter Fat Fasting. People who may undergo Fat fasting needs to be the type who loses weight fast or rather someone who has been in a plateau for 2 weeks or more. It’s gonna be risky and dangerous for you to try fat fasting when you know you’re not that metabolically resistant yet.

Anyhow, let’s try to go through the wonders of fat fasting.

As mentioned above, a Fat Fast will limit your calorie intake for a day for 1000-1200 kcal only. That’ll equate to 80-90% of your calories should come from fats alone. Now since the amount of your fat intake is higher than the usual, you will then experience deficit both in carbohydrates and in protein. The lack of carbohydrates and protein will make your body go after the excess fats in your body.

Lipolysis or the breakdown of fats will then be present in this phase. Your body will then go through the process of lipolysis where stored fats in the body will be used as fuels to convert triglycerides into glycerol and fatty acids. As a result, fatty acids will help your liver release more ketone bodies to provide you with more energy.

Just like your first days in Ketosis, you might feel hungry most of the time. This is because your body is still not used to the calorie deficit. However, once your body gets a hang of it, you will then feel less hungry and your satiety levels might prolong. It is even recommended to only do the fat fasting for three days only. The sudden drop of your weight on those number of days will be because of the decrease in fat and water weight.

You seem to have a grasp on what fat fasting is all about. Now let’s try to look at some fat fasting techniques to help you understand the program more.

Since most of your calories will be coming from fats now, you need to include healthy fats such as omega 3 and saturated fats. The advised breakdown of your calorie intake will range from 200-250 kcal per meal wherein you will most likely eat 4-5x a day to achieve the 1000-1200 kcal limit.

Techniques on starting with the Fat Fast:

  1. If you have mastered the Keto diet already, that’s the time you can do Fat Fasting. If you haven’t yet, then you may start doing the Keto diet first for at least 3-4 weeks. Once you feel like your body weight is in plateau, that’s the time you can enter Fat Fasting.
  2. Another reason why you may enter Fat Fasting is when you’ve cheated on your diet. Stalling your diet for more than a week is not good. However, you can help your body get rid of those unwanted bad carbs and fats by trying out fat fasting.
  3. Just like other low-carb diets, it is best if you will be taking a multivitamin supplement. This is to make sure you get balanced nutritions and at the same time you don’t lack enough micronutrients while you fast.
  4. Doing extensive exercises is discouraged while you’re on fat fasting. However, since your target here is to lose pounds, you are not refrained from doing light cardios and exercises.
  5. Keep track on your diet! You might want to list down your diet meals and even your workout routine. Aside from calculating macros, you would even calculate your productivity.
  6. Regular or small meals? It’s up to you. If you’re used to fasting already and might have tried intermittent before, you can eat 1-2 regular meals. However if you’re still adjusting with fat fast, you can have many small meals just to keep you sated.
  7. In order to enjoy this fasting more, you may also include some dairies. This portion is optional though. But just in case you want to try mixing up some dairies on your meal plan, make sure you get coconut milk or cream coconut milk to avoid dairies with much micronutrients and carbs.

Fat Fasting Do’s and Dont’s

  1. Do consult a medical expert before starting with Fat Fast. Know that fasting is an extreme diet program and if you happen to have any medical condition such as diabetes then you need to seek for an advice from a doctor.
  2. Do drink a lot of water, tea, and coffee. Since you’re still expected to stick with a low-carb program, do avoid all sweeteners including low-carb ones.
  3. Do get back to your previous way of eating once you’re done with Fat Fasting. As mentioned before, it is not healthy to do fat fasting for more than 5 days so you need to make sure you get back to your low-carb routine right after.
  1. Do not consider doing Fat Fasting when you haven’t tried Keto dieting or any low-carb diet yet. You will only make it hard for yourself.
  2. Do not exceed for more than 5 days. Doing the Fat Fast for a prolonged period may result in deficiencies and might even risk your muscle mass.
  3. Do not consider low-carb or zero-carb sweeteners since they might trigger your sweet cravings. Do avoid sweet fat bombs for the time being you’re doing the fat fast.
  4. Do not add more carbs to your meals. Adding protein might work for Fat Fasting but increasing your carb intake is no good. If 80% of your calories come from fat, it’s safe to include protein but you need to make sure there’ll be 0% carbs.
  5. Do not expect for an end result here. It is still possible for you to gain back some weight but it doesn’t mean your fat fasting has gone to waste. Your weight will depend on your meal plan and your active lifestyle.

Fat Fasting is actually an effective recipe in weight loss. However, it could be risky for you to try it when you know you’re at a weight stall. Remember, weight loss is only effective when you’re safe and healthy. You can always wait for your body to be at a weight loss plateau. Weight loss takes time anyways.

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