What is the Targeted Ketogenic Diet?

Doing a TKD could help you conduct a quality workout. All you have to do is to keep an eye on the kind of foods you consume before and after working out.

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Just like the standard keto diet, targeted keto is pretty much the same. The only difference is, targeted keto allows you to eat carbs every time you workout.

If you are a beginner, intermediate weightlifter, an athlete or someone who does high-intensity workouts, targeted keto diet (TKD) could be for you.

What is TKD?

Targeted Ketogenic Diet is consuming carbs every time you workout. However, most times, you will still have to follow the standard Ketogenic diet.TKD is a good kind of program if you want to maintain an active lifestyle without having your body kicked out of Ketosis. This diet consists of rounding up your workouts with carbohydrates in order to maintain high-intensity workouts and at the same time, replenish glycogen in your muscles without interrupting your standard Keto diet.

Benefits of Targeted Ketogenic Diet

Increase performance

There are a lot of studies that could support the benefits that TKD can provide when it comes to boosting up the performance of the individual during workouts – most especially on high-intensity trainings. This is primarily because of the glucose that your muscles will consume as you go on with your workouts. We already know how carbs are being used as fuels to keep your energy. Same thing as pre-workouts, carb consumed before working could also have an impact on your performance.

If you are fond of doing workouts at a sustained period, TKS could help supply your lack of endurance and strength which are both needed when working out.

Increased Insulin levels

Don’t get me wrong. I know an increase in insulin levels is a big no to Ketogenic diet. But here’s the thing – increased in insulin levels at a needed time could be beneficial as you continue your journey in weight loss. Having your insulin increased can actually help you in muscle growth and at the same time, help prevent your muscles from breaking down.

Mainly, there are two types of people who can undergo the Targeted Keto Diet:

  1. People who need carbs to fuel them up for their workouts but cannot stick on a sustained consumption of carbs
  2. People who are about to start their workout journey but cannot optimize the cyclical keto diet yet

How to start with TKD?

  1. Doing TKD is just like incorporating carbs as your pre-workout. However, your macros will still be the same as the SKD. You will only have to look after your calorie intake from all the carbs that you will be consuming.
  2. The best recommended time for consuming carbs is 30-60 minutes prior to working out. Your estimated consumption of carb intake will roughly play around 25-50 g of carbs.
  3. Since we are after the glucose content, some of the best TKD food sources you could consider are gummy bears, hard candies, sugary drinks, dextrose supplements, and glucose gels.
  4. Avoiding fats before workouts must also be kept in mind. This is because fats could slow the digestion process. If by chance you think you need fats for this, you can only take MCTs as alternative fat sources.
  5. Choose sugary foods for TKD since they are high in glucose content.
  6. Considering arbs for post-workouts in TKD is unnecessary. It is advised to take protein shakes after working out if you need to ingest carbs. Protein shakes can help you in recovery while carbs as post-workout could stall your diet.
  7. If you do split workouts in a day, you will also be needing to distribute your carb consumption. Let’s say you do weight training in the morning, you can eat 25g of carbs before lifting. If you plan to do cardio in the afternoon, the remaining 25g of carbs may be consumed before doing the cardio. Remember, your carb limit will still follow the SKD macro.
  8. You can also add up some extra fuels and support as you do the TKD. For Keto-friendly supplements that can support you in doing the TKD, you may refer to the provided link below


What can I eat on the TKD?

To maximize the best results of TKD, easily digestible and sugar foods are most likely suggested. Examples are sweet tarts, hard candies, candy bars, and white bread.

Keep in mind that you will still have to limit your carb consumption from 25-50 g only. However, the best sources for TKD are dextrose and glucose. There are also sweet natural foods like fruits that you may find helpful when doing the TKD. The thing is, you will have to avoid these certain foods first since they contain fructose. Fructose goes directly to the liver to help replenish glycogen and that is not what we wanted in the first place. In order to do a quality workout, you will have to replenish glycogen in the muscles and not in the liver.

For a successful TKD, you can try supplementing your diet with dextrose tablets and glucose gels. These are the purest sources of glucose wherein no fructose content is included. Anyhow, any carb you choose to consume should be eaten on its own or with protein. Fat consumption should strictly be avoided before and after workouts since it will slow down the digestion process of both carbohydrates and protein. The only fat you are allowed to consume during such period are MCTs since they help improve your ketone levels and at the same time are easily digested unlike fats.


Doing a TKD could help you conduct a quality workout. All you have to do is to keep an eye on the kind of foods you consume before and after working out. Most especially if you are an athlete or someone who does a pretty intense workout at a daily basis, TKD could be very beneficial to you.

Furthermore, doing a TKD could provide you the strength and energy that you need. It can also keep you from feeling tired as you finish your program. Just like how SKD helps you in losing weight, TKD does the same too. This time, the challenge will take place every time you conduct your workout and take your weight loss training at a more intense level.

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