What not to drink on keto: A low carb drink guide

Once you're in ketosis, eating or drinking the wrong thing can set you back big time. Here's a quick guide on keto friendly drinks that may help quickly eliminate choices that will hurt your keto diet.

keto friendly drinks

Picking the right drink can be a little tricky if you are on the keto diet. With most drinks saturated in sugar and carbs or multiple brands passing up certain products as zero-carb/sugar; finding keto-friendly drinks on the market could be hard but knowing what how much you need to consume on a day (on a keto diet that is up to 20 grams you can consume per day) and a little research on what drinks are good and what drinks could put you in danger of getting you off ketosis. Here are a few factors you need to consider when choosing your drink and a few options to choose from should you lack variety in your diet meal plan.

Instead of these:

Fruit Juice

While an extremely healthy option compared to the rest on the list with a ton of vitamins and minerals, this drink also packs a punch in terms of carbs and sugar; something people on the keto diet try to avoid consuming high amounts of. A cup of orange juice can come up to a whopping 26 grams in carbs and another 21 in sugar!


A bad choice even when you are not in a diet, this drink has a bad rep for containing high amounts of sugar and carbs in just a small serving.In fact, a can of Mountain Dew is almost double the amount of sugar you need to consume in a day, coming up to 46 grams! And yes, we do mean to avoid all types even the diet and ‘zero’ kind so it’s safe to say that this type of beverage should be crossed off on any diet meal plan especially the keto kind.

Sport Drinks

These kinds of drinks although gives you enough energy throughout the day by replacing the electrolytes you’ve lost on your workout; it definitely isn’t keto-friendly, packed with so much sugar and with little to no actual fruit juice it is something that people on the keto diet should be wary of.

High-sugar coffee drinks

Going on a regular trip to your local Starbucks may come as a problem if you are on a keto diet, since most coffee drinks at Starbucks are packed with so much sugar drinks like lattes, frappuccinos and mocha drinks are definitely some of the things one should avoid partaking in or say goodbye to our ketogenic state.

Sugar-laden alcoholic drinks

Although most people think that drinking on a diet is a huge no-no, it really isn’t if you are on keto. However, there are some limitations. Be wary off drinks that have simple syrups, fruit juice or dairy mixed in.

Try these:


Your safest bet. Contains no carbs and minimal to no traces of sugar; it fights off dehydration and even cravings.You can also infuse your water with fruits to add that extra flavor.Make water your friend and your number one source for hydration and you’ll surely keep track of your diet.

Tea Drinks

Loaded with tons of benefits with little to no carbs, it is the perfect low-carb drink for those on a keto diet. Whether hot or cold, green or black. It is a drink that people on keto can consume as much as they want without  worrying about added calories. Just remember to take it easy on the sweeteners and dairy products.

Coffee Drinks

Although some coffee drinks are absolutely forbidden, there are some options if you want your caffeine fix. Black coffee (espresso, drip, hot and iced), bulletproof coffee (made with black coffee and grass fed butter), or even coffee with some unsweetened heavy cream or your favorite non-dairy milk (almond, coconut and cashew) are great alternatives and make the perfect low carb caffeine fix.

Non-Dairy Milks

Are mostly keto-friendly if you keep away from artificial sweeteners and additives and are great alternatives to regular dairy.


These drinks are perfect meal replacements and are completely customizable depending on personal taste or how much you need to consume. Add-ins like MTC oil powder, stevia, almond or vanilla extract can help boost flavor and help you along with you diet.


Alcohol, when taken in moderation is possible to consume when on a keto diet. Dry wine, like Pinot Grigio offer less than 3 grams of carbs. Clear liquors are also perfect examples of a keto-friendly drink since they have no carbs at all. Certain brands of beer also offer up products that have little carbs in them so be sure to check some of them out.

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